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Minecraft Axolotl: Everything You Need To Know

Minecraft Axolotl just added some adorable new friends called axolotls! Moreover, they are like little underwater salamanders with cute pink faces. Furthermore, even though Minecraft isn’t finished building a whole new world yet. But these axolotls are here to add some splashy fun!

Moreover, these little guys are special. Because they can help you fight meanies underwater. But unlike other Minecraft friends, you can’t exactly keep them as pets.

Additionally, Axolotl from Minecraft is like hanging around in dim underwater tunnels. It may take some time to locate them as they are quite reticent! Additionally, although you cannot have axolotls as pets, you may still be friends with them! Moreover, if you find one, it won’t hurt you. Moreover, Axolotls will help you fight some of the scary creatures underwater. Additionally, they’re like little underwater knights!

Finally, this is not all about Minecraft Axolotl. Let us read this article and find out more about them.

Minecraft Axolotl: Comes in Different Colors

Minecraft axolotls come in a bunch of fun colors! Here are some of the colors you might find:

  • Pink: This is like the classic axolotl color, almost like a bubblegum pink!
  • Brown: This axolotl might look like a little chocolate bar swimming around!
  • Yellow: This axolotl is sunshine yellow, like a happy ray of light underwater!
  • Light Blue: A swimming pool on a super bright day, that’s the color of this axolotl! It’s so light blue it almost looks white, with some pink bits too!
  • Special Blue: This axolotl is a super rare find, kind of like a golden ticket in a chocolate bar! It’s a special bright blue color.

Where to find Minecraft axolotl?

Axolotls love to hide in super cool underwater caves called Lush Caves! Moreover, these caves are kind of like secret underwater playgrounds. Further it comes with glowy plants and lots to explore.

Here are some tips to find these special caves:

Look for Jungles

Axolotls seem to like hanging out near jungles. So if you’re exploring in Minecraft and see a big jungle area, there might be a Lush Cave nearby!

Follow the Flowers

Look for big pink flowers called Azalea trees. Moreover, these flowers like to grow on top of Lush Caves. So if you see a bunch of them together, you might be right above an axolotl hangout!

Dive Deep

Lush Caves are underwater, so you might need to do some swimming to find them. In addition, don’t forget to bring a pail of water so you may briefly submerge your mouth!

Even though you can’t exactly keep axolotls as pets, they’re still fun to find and watch in Minecraft. So next time you’re exploring underwater. Moreover, keep an eye out for those special Lush Caves. Furthermore, the adorable axolotls that might be hiding inside!

How do you tame a Minecraft axolotl?

Axolotls in Minecraft are kind of like wild animals you can be friends with. But you can’t keep them in your pocket like a pet cat or dog. Finally, here’s how to be buddies with them:

Catch and Release

You can use a bucket to scoop up an axolotl, kind of like catching a butterfly in a net! But instead of keeping them in the bucket, you should pour them back out near your Minecraft house.

Build an Underwater Home

Axolotls love water, so you can build a cool underwater place for them to live near your house. Furthermore, think of it like a swimming pool for your new axolotl friends! Lastly, just make sure the pool is at least two blocks deep so they have plenty of room to splash around.

Keep them Safe

Axolotls can wander off if they’re not careful, and they might not find water on their own. Moreover, if you want to make sure they stay close. Furthermore, you can build a wall around their underwater home,

Even though you can’t exactly keep them like a pet. But you can still build a cool underwater world for your axolotl friends. Moreover, they like to live near your Minecraft house!


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