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Our Planet review

Parents should be aware that Our Planet is a stunning environmental docuseries from the team behind Planet Earth, narrated by David Attenborough, about the effects of climate change on species and habitats.

Our Planet review
Our Planet review

The majority of the show is devoted to introducing viewers to fascinating animals and their adaptations to harsh weather, limited food supplies, and depleting shelter resources.

Climate change, and people’ part in it, is a less consistent topic. Predators seek prey in some scenes, which sometimes results in the death of a juvenile animal. Others display animal carcasses that died as a consequence of mishaps such as tumbling over cliffs. This engrossing series is ideal for family viewing, but be prepared to handle questions about reproduction and mating.

In OUR PLANET, David Attenborough narrates a sweeping tour of Earth’s natural diversity and explores how climate change is affecting different species’ efforts to survive. Produced by the creators of Planet Earth, this production celebrates the marvels of nature, the interconnectedness of animal species, and the responsibilities of a growing human population’s effect on the planet.

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Predictably gorgeous and awe-inspiring, this expertly produced nature docuseries turns thousands of hours of videography into eight episodes of captivating, compelling, and sometimes emotional drama.

  • Life, death, feast, famine, and the eternal struggle to survive and reproduce lay the foundation for the show’s content.Attenborough sets the scene by asserting the following statistics: As the human population has grown over the past 50 years, wildlife numbers have decreased by an average of 60 percent.
    From there, he extrapolates that as humans have contributed to nature’s increased instability, we alone can help ensure its recovery.
  • The trouble is, it’s an argument that gets swept aside as Our Planet treats viewers to stunningly beautiful scenes of nature and wildlife.
  • Only occasionally does Attenborough return to the topic of climate change and conservation.
  • It does nothing to detract from the impressive presentation of the world’s wonders, but it gives the series a slightly indecisive purpose overall.


  • Families can talk about what Our Planet intends to teach viewers.
  • Is its goal to expose them to nature and its inhabitants or to inspire behavior of some kind?
  • What examples of instinct do you see in this show
  • How does instinct help animals survive?
  • To what degree do people use instinct for the same purpose?

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