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Who is Jordan Dominique Dorce? Why is he arrested?

Police said that just after 1:30 p.m. on Monday, three suspects, later identified as Jordan Dominique Odom, Dorian Jordan, and Raven Moya, entered Hibbett Sports at Promenade Mall, near East 41st Street and South Yale Avenue, where they took several items of clothing and left.

This led to the arrest of a murder suspect who had been wanted since May. The women were said to have threatened a store worker with a knife as they were leaving, according to the police. Officials tracked down the vehicle close to East 47th Spot and South Braden Road close to the Studio Star Inn. Observation video drove officials to a room where the suspects were seen entering.

Important fact about Jordan Dominique

  • Jordan will show up in court Tuesday and is confronting both first-degree murder and ownership of a gun charge.
  • On May 15, around 2:30 a.m., officials were called to a hookah relaxation at North Lewis and East Naval Commander after almost 150 shots were discharged nearby.
  • At the point when police showed up on the scene, they found Jones on the ground with different discharge wounds.
  • Each of the three suspects ran, as per the police division.
  • Deontre Reed was found and captured on August 19.
  • Tulsa police are still seeking Darius McGee.
  • Tulsa Crime Stoppers or 911 are the two numbers to call if you know where McGee is.

Reason to arrest

Police said they found the knife used in the heist in the room where the three suspects were sleeping, along with 4,500 in stolen clothes that were given back to Hibbett Sports. Dominique Jordan was one of the three suspects engaged in the stealing; it was established during the arrest. For allegedly shooting and killing 17-year-old Corlin Jones at a hookah lounge in midtown, he has been on the run since May. Only one of the incident’s three suspects had been apprehended up until yesterday. According to the police, Jordan dominique dorce arrested for first-degree murder and possession of a firearm following a prior criminal conviction. He is one of three suspects in the tragic gunfight outside the Hookah Lounge in May that claimed the life of 17-year-old Corlin Jones.

How to catch the police?

The charge of robbery with a dangerous weapon led to the arrest of all three suspects. Police said Dominique Jordan was likewise captured for first-degree murder and ownership of a gun after a previous conviction for a crime. Alesia Beckman has previously been addressed and captured, yet officials are as yet looking for Juan Martin. Deontre Reed was arrested in August on a first-degree murder warrant for the shootout. Darius McGee, the third suspect, is still under surveillance by police. Theft prompts capture of Tulsa murder suspect.

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