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zak bagans’ the haunted museum reviews

zak bagans’ the haunted museum reviews: Zak Bagans, the host of “Ghost Adventures”. It has accumulated a collection of “oddities” and cursed items at his Haunted Museum. It located off of the beaten path in downtown Las Vegas.

Fittingly, Zak Bagans’ the Haunted Museum calls the 11,000-square-foot Wengert Mansion home. Which built in 1938. The house said to haunted by people who have died there. There are claims that “dark rituals” were before performed in the basement.

Inside the home are 30+ themed rooms. That contain ruins from around the world that said to haunted, or are downright morbid.

Below, I’ll give you an idea of what you’ll experience inside Zak Bagans’ the Haunted Museum. Weigh in on what I liked & didn’t like to inform your decision to visit or not.

While my reviews incorporate images. The museum doesn’t allow any photography. I will attempt to leverage my mediocre writing ability to articulate what you’ll find inside.

Zak Bagans’ the Haunted Museum Cost & Admission

TIP: Reserve a ticket online in advance. I made the mistake of not doing. So, assuming tickets would be available at the door.

Nope. I had to stand in a standby line for a half hour waiting for a cancellation or no-show. I got in, but an advance ticket purchase recommended.

There’s also an age limit to attend. Only individuals aged 14+ allowed but need an adult with them to enter.

General admission tickets cost $54, and there is an upgraded “RIP All Access” pass that costs $86 (more on that below).

Zak Bagans’ the Haunted Museum Waiver

Interestingly, a waiver required before entering Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum. That absolves Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum. From “Any loss, liability, damage, cost or expense. Which they may occur as the result of my death or any injury or property damage. That I may sustain while participating…”.

While waiting to enter the museum. There are videos on a loop demonstrating occasions. When people had negative reactions inside the house. Those reactions included uncontrollable sobbing, fainting, and health issues that required paramedics.

I’m not sure if those occurrences are random, staged, or trumped up to build excitement. But there were definitely visitors in my tour group who were nervous about what was to come.

One lady, who had already paid for the premium “RIP Experience”. Even dropped out of the tour group right before entering out of fear. She waited nearly 3 hours for her husband to complete the tour in the car. I’m not kidding. (Zak Bagans’ the haunted mewuseum reviews)

zak bagans’ the haunted museum reviews Rooms and Tour

Before departing the ticketing lobby for our tour. Our group was instructed to recite the pledge below together. It absolves management from any “Actions by these unseen forces”.

Here are a few shots from the ticketing lobby before we were told to shut our phones off:

From here, tour guides bring you from room to room in the Haunted Museum. Each of these has its own unique theme or subject matter. Inside each room, your guide provides some background on what you’re about to see.

A short video of Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum is also played to provide—additional background on each room’s contents and how they came to be in the museum.

Here were some notable rooms in the Haunted Museum, and the contents found within them:

Dr. Death: Dr. Jack Kevorkian was a proponent of euthanasia and assisted in approx. 130 assisted deaths. Inside the room are artifacts from his time as a doctor. It includes the “Death Van”, which was the spot numerous people took their last breaths.

Ed Gein’s Cauldron: The cauldron used to cook human body parts in a room dedicated to serial killer Ed Gein. Around the room are other artifacts from Gein’s reign of terror. It includes a portrait containing real human skin.

Serial Killer Room: Other serial killer memorabilia is on display in the museum. That includes Ted Bundy’s murder kit. Even cremated bone fragments from Charles Manson. On the walls are sickening quotes from notable serial killers on why they kill. The room was packed with artifacts with placards. Explaining their meaning and takes some time to digest.

Peggy the Doll:

Among the more anticipated items on display was Peggy the Doll. In the intro video, Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum points out that even seeing images of Peggy. On the internet can cause nightmares and health issues. Our guide instructed us to greet Peggy. Upon entering the room to show respect, and say goodbye when exiting to end our contact. About half of my tour group opted to stay outside the room out of fear.(zak bagans’ The Haunted Museum reviews)

Is the RIP Upgrade Worth Buying?

While I didn’t opt for the RIP package. A member of my group did, so I have an idea about whether the package is worthwhile.

Essentially, the RIP package offers you a few opportunities to explore. Additional areas of the Haunted Museum that others don’t have access to. Notably, there were a few “passageways” that the RIP pass holder was able to explore on their own.

The coolest, most enviable extra privilege offered by the RIP pass was the ability. To venture down into the basement, which is not part of the baseline tour.

RIP members also given a free T-shirt at the end of the tour.

It’s not an upgrade I’d opt for. But fans of the shows or folks. That are passionate about this subject are likely to enjoy. The extra opportunities offered throughout the tour.

I will say that our sole RIP Experience pass holder seemed uncomfortable. With the fact that we were all standing there watching and waiting for him. To finish exploring something on his own. Be ready to be the center of attention a few times if you upgrade.


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