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Netflix’s Ridley Jones Review | Adventure Genre |

Ridley Jones aired on Netflix on July 13, 2021. Iara Nemirovsky, Sutton Foster, Bob Bergen, Blythe Danner, David Errigo Jr., Laraine Newman, and Ezra Menas feature in the animated series, which was created by Chris Nee.

Ridley Jones Review
Ridley Jones Review

Ridley Jones – Museum At Night

If the 2006 film Night at the Museum piqued your interest, Ridley Jones can be seen of as a simplified and animated version of the film aimed at a younger audience. Ridley Jones, a 6-year-old protector of the historic museum, is our main character here.

She embarks on numerous adventures with her squad, which includes a dinosaur, a bison, a mummy, a Dodo bird, and a space monkey, throughout the series. Chris Nee purposefully chose Ridley as her protagonist in this storey. There aren’t many series with female action heroes, according to Nee, and Ridley is here to fix that.

Ridley’s eagerness to take on more responsibilities before she is old enough to handle them is an example of a lesson to be learned. However, instead of preaching gender equality, Nee and her writers use Ridley’s antics to demonstrate their point, i.e. a lesson in each narrative.

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Ridley Jones is a simple and heartwarming series that young audiences may binge-watch at any time, and if you find yourself engrossed in the series as an adult, it is without a doubt worth watching.

Fred, the non-binary Bison, was another feature of the series that drew my interest. Ridley asks Peaches the monkey if Fred is a “she or a he” in the first episode. “I’m not sure.” Peaches responds, “They’re just a Fred,” and the action resumes.

The 6-episode series finds its foundation in these modest, conscious moments. Aside from that, the series contains moments of friendship, responsibility, and truth that are part of Ridley Jones’s thematic focus.

To summarise, there are many elements in Ridley Jones that you must have seen in every animated series aimed at children’s minds. Ridley Jones stands out due to the fact that all three main characters are female.

“What I was most enthusiastic about in the character Ridley was telling an action-adventure tale for a young girl, and more importantly, telling a hero’s journey for a young girl, because I don’t think we’ve seen much of that, and I believe it’s not internalised in girls.” So that’s something I’m looking forward to.” -Chris Nee

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